AWS Security Master Class – 81% OFF

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Course 1 : AWS Security

Get the Lowdown on Amazon Web Services & Start Working Towards a Lucrative Administrative Career
Course Duration : 05 hours
Number of Lectures: 19
Security is fundamental in each IT field, and is particularly critical to organizations when they receive Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their cloud administrations. Luckily, AWS offers various administrations to guarantee corporate cloud security. Still, organizations require IT individuals familiar with AWS to actualize and keep up these measures, putting a premium on fit AWS managers. In this course, you’ll begin with the rudiments of AWS and branch profound into AWS security, consequently getting a remarkable handle on this sought after aptitude.

  1. Get to 19 video lectures and 5 hours of substance all day, every day
  2. Jump into the essentials of AWS
  3. Comprehend the standards of ICT security
  4. Perceive clients, bunches, and parts in IAM
  5. Compose more than simply essential IAM strategies and take full advantage of Trusted Advisor
  6. Learn how to set up, comprehend, and incorporate with CloudTrail


Course No. 2 : AWS Event Driven Security

Use AWS Native Services to Create Proactive Security Measures
Course Duration : 05 hours
Number of Lectures: 28
In case you’re utilizing distributed computing – whether on an individual or corporate level – with Amazon Web Services, security is an undeniable concern. In any case, AWS has worked in administrations to help you screen and address security occasions naturally, without being physically present at your PC. In this course, you’ll concentrate on genuine security occasions to learn how to utilize local AWS administrations to determine issues as they emerge, consequently adding a to a great degree profitable ability to your resume.

  1. Get to 28 videos and 5 hours of substance every minute of every day
  2. Comprehend essential ideas of occasion driven security
  3. Plunge into CloudWatch, Logs, Events, and more
  4. Learn how to control AWS Lambda
  5. Set up, comprehend, and coordinate w/CloudTrail
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